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To ameliorate the injustices suffered by mother-baby dyads in Mississippi and Louisiana, JAMS engages in:

  • pro bono legal consulting regarding
    • pregnancy & lactation accommodations in the workplace and on campus
    • sustaining the breastfeeding relationship through family separations and co-parenting
  • advocacy to reform prison birth conditions
  • strategic partnerships, outreach, and education
  • community-based support and empowerment

In the future, we hope to:

  • implement an comprehensive community-based sex ed knowledge base centered on family planning, including the mechanics of menstruation, ejaculation, pregnancy, birth, postpartum recovery, lactation, and menopause
  • grow our prison birth initiative to encompass a babies-behind-bars program
  • establish a self-sustainable, supportive home for marginalized mothers (teens, immigrants, domestic violence victims)
  • build a network of birth centers to improve rural access to skilled birth attendants
  • expand doula access on dual fronts: support training of more doulas & promote public policies that make doulas more widely available