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advancing the rights of mother-baby dyads in pregnancy, birth, and beyond

Justice Advocates for Maternal Support is a nascent Mississippi nonprofit founded by lawyer & doula Jacqueline K. Hammack to facilitate innovative solutions to the dysfunctional status quo of maternity care in the Deep South. Founded in recognition of the revolutionary struggle of marginalized birthing parents, the organization works to support and promote the civil and human rights of mother-baby dyads in pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

We are sensitive to the ways that marginalized identities affect the ways that certain individuals interact with health care systems. We provide culturally competent advocacy to communities of color, immigrants, and lgbtq folks.

We recognize that social determinants of health influence the ways that families subjectively experience pregnancy, birth, and the fourth-trimester. Our work is solidly grounded in a comprehensive reproductive justice framework.

We are working toward a world where every pregnancy is intentional, childbearing individuals have full and free bodily autonomy during pregnancy and childbirth, every mother receives the unconditional support of her community if she chooses to breastfeed, and the work of mothering is recognized and valued as a worthwhile contribution to society.