Jacqui Hammack

Revolutionary Lawyering to Advance Birth Justice

Law Mom + Doula

My name is Jacqui. I’m a lawyer, a mom, and a doula.

Lawyer moms are fierce advocates and some of the most resourceful and tenacious folks on the planet. I blend that energy with the supportive, calm aura doulas bring as guides through the liminal spaces of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. The dichotomy is my secret sauce.

My life’s work is to advance birth justice. As a neurospicy queer person I know that business as usual will only perpetuate systemic oppression and institutional inequities, which is why my mothering is radical, my lawyering is revolutionary, and my doulaing is rooted in a deep respect for the transformational power of childbirth. 

How can we work together?



Consulting and Coaching

Litigation, legislation, or policy strategic development. Technical assistance integrating midwifery into health systems. Group coaching. 1:1 guidance.


Jacqui’s Blog & Podcast. Links to movement orgs and foundational texts.  Analysis and recommendations. One pagers. Templates. 

Speaking and Presenting

Continuing education for professionals in different industries. Guest speaker to students. Panelist. Keynote Speaker. Workshop Leader.